Limburg Cycling paradise!

Limburg is known for its beautiful cycling routes. Wooded area,
cycling over water
and various routes along canals and along the river Meuse.

Enjoy the many cycling routes in Limburg. Use the app or our map.

The system is simple. Along the Limburg cycling routes there are blue signs with a number to follow at each junction. You can follow these signs to get to your destination.

There are various options to enjoy these fantastic cycling routes. In our holiday residence there is a large map where you can plan a route. We are happy to personally explain the most beautiful routes.

Another option is to install an app. Fietsknoop is one of them. With this free app you can set a location in advance and the app will guide you through the well-known cycling hubs.

You can store your bicycles in our holiday residence. Charging electric bicycles is no problem at all.

Explore Limburg in all its splendor by bike or on foot!

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